6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Heating Inspection Before Winter

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At Climate Experts in Canada, we recommend requesting a heating equipment inspection before winter begins. Our region has early and difficult winter weather, so it is a good idea to schedule a furnace inspection in a commercial or residential property as soon as possible.

Inspection Reason 1: Does the Thermostat Work?


First, a technician will check the heating equipment’s thermostat to verify that it is working correctly. The thermostat checks the temperature level in the air so that a furnace will turn on when it is cold in a building. A defective thermostat can lead to having a furnace that won’t turn on at the correct time, leaving you freezing late at night.

Inspection Reason 2: Is the Furnace’s Blower Working?

Furnace's Blower

A furnace might create heat, but if the blower isn’t working, then you won’t have any warm air in the building. When the technician turns on a building’s furnace, he will wait for a few minutes to determine if the blower is blasting the hot air into each room. In some cases, a furnace requires a new blower so that a building reaches the correct temperature.

Inspection Reason 3: Are There Strange Odors From the Heating Equipment?

Burning odors

If a furnace is creating an odd odor, then this is a sign that the furnace has something wrong with it. The plastic or metal mechanisms inside a furnace can degrade or melt, and if you don’t fix these problems, then the heating equipment can stop working. In addition, these damaged components can cause a fire inside the furnace, leading to a major fire inside a home.

Inspection Reason 4: Do the Filters Look Dirty?

Furnace filters

During a heating equipment inspection, the technicians will change the dirty filters so that the warm air will flow better through the vents. In addition, the technician can clean the furnace’s mechanisms to remove dust that can damage the equipment. If you don’t know how to change furnace filters on your own, then a technician can show you how to do it in only a few minutes.

Inspection Reason 5: Is the Heating System Too Loud?

Heating System Too Loud

If the furnace is making a lot of noise, then there is probably a broken component that requires tightening or replacement. Fixing this problem can ensure that a furnace is working optimally and quietly so that a building is warm. A noisy furnace is difficult to cope with because it makes it impossible to concentrate on your work or to sleep at night. It is better to have a noisy furnace repaired before it malfunctions completely.

Inspection Reason 6: Is Warm Air Flowing From the Building’s Vents?

Warm Air Vents

The technicians working for our company are also responsible for checking a building’s vents to make sure that warm air is flowing correctly. A technician should walk through a building to make sure that the vents are open and that the openings aren’t blocked with rugs, draperies or furniture. The technician is also responsible for checking the building’s exterior vents to verify that a furnace’s gases are escaping so that there is no danger from carbon monoxide.

August 23, 2018