6 Ways How To Prepare For Office Moving Scenarios?

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Your business grows and expands and occasionally, that requires moving your office to accommodate your growing customer base. Most people prefer to keep things and locations in the same place.

Preparing your office for a successful relocation requires the help of your employees and customers. Contact Matco Moving early in the process to help coordinate your office move.

1. Learn from Your Current Location

Learn from Your Current Location

  • You know what to look for when you learn from your current business set up. Apply your experience and use it to improve your business at the new location.
  • Your business might be in a location with cramped and limited parking. Listen to your customers and solicit their feedback as to what they would like to see in a new location.
  • When you moved your business to your current location, you had no way to know your business was in a poor traffic area. Apply that knowledge when searching for a new location so your business can thrive and grow.

2. Coordinate Each Stage with Building Managers

Coordinate Each Stage with Building Managers

  • Most offices move into a centrally managed building. Locate your original lease to check any move-out requirements. Arrange for any required restorations.
  • Talk to your new management team about modifications if necessary.
  • Make sure everything is in writing for both the building you leave and the one where you plan to move your new office.

3. Create A Move Team

Create A Move Team

  • Assign one person to coordinate the events involved in your business move. This person is responsible for keeping a smooth transition with your computers and telephones and other key services.
  • Assemble moving teams from your maintenance and technology departments. Advance teams need to prepare the new office for layout, design and technology hookups.
  • Your moving teams should each have a lead person in charge who reports to your move coordinator.

4. Make Sure Your Employees Are on Board

Office move

  • If you choose a location far away from your current address, you may find yourself looking for new employees. Talk to your employees about their commute and preferences for office locations.
  • Ask for input on where breakrooms should go and what amenities your employees would like. This step is a big morale booster.
  • Schedule time with groups of employees to show them the new office space. Get their feedback on office preferences and placement of key departments.

5. Keep A Positive Outlook

  • When moving your office, your employees take their cues from you. Maintain a positive and cheerful demeanor.
  • Place emphasis on how your office move benefits your clients, customers and your staff.
  • A successful business relocates to accommodate growth. An unsuccessful business simply shutters its doors. Remind your employees about this maxim.

6. Keep Your Customer Base Happy

Keep Your Customer Base Happy

  • Once your business has settled in from the move you do not want to look around only to find your customers and clients have migrated elsewhere.
  • One person should handle client notification about your upcoming move approximately eight weeks before you relocate.
  • Notify customers and clients by mail, email and by a personal telephone call from one person assigned to this task. If your customers tend to walk in, then prominently post signs detailing your pending move.

Moving your business efficiently depends on the preparation you do ahead of time. Make a schedule and stick to it. Remember to keep your customers satisfied and employee morale high.

August 20, 2018