Determining the Right Colour Stain for Your Wood Flooring

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One of the most crucial factors affecting the overall look of your wood flooring is the finish you choose to apply. You don’t have to apply stain to your wood floor — but if you do, you definitely want to be sure of choosing the right colour. If you’re unsure about what, exactly, the best choice for your floor would be, read on for information that will help you with determining the right colour stain for your wood flooring.

Ebony Stain

Ebony is one of the latest and trendiest stain colours on the market. This stain is a good choice if you want the most up-to-date look, but it’s only recommended if you are willing to invest the effort in keeping the floor spotlessly clean. Dust particles, dirt and hair are all visible when present on ebony-stained hardwood flooring, so you’ll need to sweep up on a daily or almost daily basis to keep your ebony floor looking pristine.

If you’re refinishing hardwood flooring that has suffered moisture damage or other damage that can’t easily be sanded out, you may be able to camouflage the damage with ebony stain.

Espresso Stain

Espresso stain is a deep coffee-inspired brown colour. Espresso coloured floors have been trendy for years now, and the trend is apparently still going strong. Again, this is a colour that requires effort in the form of daily cleaning if you want it to look its best.

Espresso is another fantastic colour choice for staining your floor if you need to hide damaged areas.

Antique Brown Stain

We recommend using antique brown for your flooring stain colour if you’re decorating an historic home in a traditional colour palette that would harmonize well with an anchor point of a deep, classic brown. Antique brown stain can also be a workable choice for a transitional decorating scheme, particularly if you want to emphasize the classic elements in the design. This is not the best choice of stains to use with an ultra-trendy decorating scheme.

Golden Pecan Stain

If you want to achieve a warm, rich hue on your floor, test golden pecan on a sample of your wood to see if you like the overall effect. Woods are all unique in the way they take stains, but this colour is particularly affected by the colour of the underlying wood.

Assuming you like the resulting color, golden pecan is a great choice for use with a wide range of decorating styles. It works well in casual, country style and romantic decorating schemes.

Grey Stain

Grey isn’t the easiest stain colour to use or apply, but it’s a popular choice right now thanks to all the trendy grey furnishings that are available in the marketplace. If your floor is too reddish or too golden to complement your grey furnishings well, grey stain is a possible solution to the problem.

Now you’re updated about some of your stain color options as well as the reasons you might want to choose one stain colour over another. As a result, you’re better equipped to determine the right stain colour for your wood flooring. We hope this information is helpful to you when you make your final selection. Visit Fuse Flooring if you want to find more resources and information.

February 7, 2017