How To Use Junk Removal Services to Move On After Death in the Family

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The death of a loved one is a trying time no matter what the circumstances. Specific issues can make this challenging time seem to drag on, including trying to sell inherited property. Elderly people are often physically incapable of ridding their homes of extra stuff. In most cases, they also do not want to get rid of items that are otherwise useless because they hold emotional value. Unfortunately, when it comes time to pass these items down, the new owner does not value the items quite as much. Junk removal services can be of great use to families that are going through the lengthy process of clearing out a loved one’s home in order to sell the property.

Consider Family Desires First

Preparing for junk removal is the family’s responsibility. The most important aspect of cleaning out a loved one’s home after their death is working with other family members in order to ensure no hard feelings. This can be the most difficult task of the process but if done properly, can help to preserve relationships that were largely based on the deceased person’s existence. Be kind and considerate of the requests made for specific memorabilia. Use a mediator to resolve conflicts when necessary.

Remove Pertinent Documents

After removing the items that have emotional value, look for papers that could help in resolving the financial matters of the estate. Clothing is not financially worth much but it’s important to go through the pockets for money, important papers, jewelry, etc. After that’s done, consider donating it. All drawers, desks, and boxes should be checked. Important papers that should be saved include life insurance policies, titles and deeds, and pertinent bank statements. Some companies offer paper shredding services which could come in handy when dealing with other old documents.

Call In Some Help

After narrowing down the items in the house, a junk removal company could help out with the rest in two different ways. The first option is to call them and have them give you an estimate for removing the rest and disposing of it themselves. This may be the best option if there are not many family members to help with the physical labor and time commitments that the job requires.
The second option is to secure a dumpster rental or garbage bins from the company. This approach allows the family to sort through every last item and possibly set aside items that could be sold or auctioned off. Having the dumpster and garbage bins handy allows the project to move smoother. Once an item leaves the house, it is disposed of properly without annoying the neighbors with unsightly items stacking up outside. The best part is that the company handles the final removal of the bins so the property can be put up for sale.

Dealing with an inherited property can be a nightmare. Junk removal companies lessen the burden by hauling away unwanted, useless items quickly so that family members can mourn their loss and continue on with their lives.

April 27, 2017