Inspecting the Roof for Damage After a Severe Snow Storm

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You may not want to put on those snow boots and jacket to head outdoors, but an inspection of the roof is in order after a major snowstorm. A professional look from Cherry and Clark Roofing at each angle can help you spot potential problems before they have a chance to do much, if any damage. It might be a long winter, but inspecting each time a major snow event happens will help keep your roof in good shape.

When Snow Melts the Trouble Begins

Snow that melts and ends up as slush in the eavestrough will eventually re-freeze at night and the next day snow melt will add to the frozen mess. Before long you have what is called an ice dam. This will render your drainage useless and the water will eventually push up under shingles. You will soon have a major leak of water into your home. Getting the snow removed from your roof is the only real solution to this particular problem.

Remove Icicles for Safety and to Protect Eaves

Long icicles hanging from your eaves might make your home look like a winter wonderland, but these heavy, sharp chunks of ice can prove dangerous for people and eaves. Anyone walking near or under can get hurt by falling icicles. The weight of large icicles can damage the eaves and eavestrough. They have also been known to break off and punch holes through siding. Use a chair tall enough to bring you to eye-level with the icicles and use a broom handle to break them off as close to the eaves as possible. Do this routinely, but make sure there are no people or pets in harms way.

Heavy Snow Removal

A foot of heavy, wet snow can cause roof collapse on older structures and is a real strain on flat roofing. It might be tempting to grab a shovel and climb up to clear the roof, but it is better to call on professional roofers to do this job. They have all of the safety equipment needed to get the job done safely. They can have a look at the roof when it is done to see if it sustained any damage.

Extreme Temperatures and Roofing Materials

The cold frigid winds of winter provide brutal punishment to all outdoor items and the roof of your home is no exception. Wind chills can dramatically drop the temperatures and even the hardiest of roofing materials struggle to maintain composure. It is good to check the shingles periodically over the cold winter to see if there is any chipping, breaks or missing pieces. You do not want the inner roofing materials exposed to the elements. Have roof repair done on any areas that seem damaged.

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February 16, 2017