Optimise Your Moving and Packing – Steps To Get Rid of Excess Stuff Before Moving

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Moving is quite a job in itself. However, there is a positive side to it as well. Moving your residence
forces you to finally bring out all those hidden items that have been lying unused and get rid of all
those unnecessary stuff. Not only will this make the entire packing process a lot easier and simpler,
but will also cut down on your moving cost with the help of Matco moving.

However, getting rid of the old stuff isn’t as easy as it sounds for most of us. More often than not we
end up confused and unable to decide what to keep and what not to. While some among us are
more sentimental about their belongings and thus find it hard to get rid of them, there are those
who are genuinely unable to decide if they will need the items in future or not. Here are few steps to
make things a little easier.

Lessen junks and optimize moving

Make moving easier with less number of items to carry. It will reduce cost and make space for better
and more useful items at your new place. So, how to decide what’s junk and how to get rid of these
items? Follow these simple steps.

Reign in your emotions and decide

Personal Stuffs
Do not hold on to things that you haven’t used in ages simply due to emotional attachment or
hoping to use it in near future. If you haven’t used it till now, there’s almost no chance you will be
using it anytime soon. Set those things aside and separate them from the ones that you do need
regularly. Do not take the trouble of packing these items.

Check the closet

We all have that closet that remains closed for months and we simply open it to put in more stuff.
That will be the first place to check out for all the junk items. It can be quite overwhelming for some,
but setting aside a day to get the stuff out of the closet and sorting them accordingly will save a lot
of time while packing.

Set up a garage sale

If you are a fan of garage sale, you will clearly know how interesting it is to go through the stuff of
some other person and getting the best bargain for the items that you might be needing. It’s time to
set up your own garage sale now. Take out all the junk and arrange a garage sale with everything
that works. It’s a great way to clear the junk and earn some money as well.

Opt for online sale

You can also check out the online stores and sell your stuff at great rates to interested buyers. Not
only will you have the opportunity to get a better bargain, but it will also allow you to reach out to a
larger group of people. Some online selling sites will even arrange for pickup and delivery.

Donate and recycle


If you are not really having a major need of extra bucks, you can actually give out the old items for
free. Donating these items to the people in the community who need them truly is a wonderful thing
to do. You can also recycle the items that you cannot give away or sell. Recycling will allow the items
to be repurposed and will reduce pollution to a large extent.
If you consult any professional mover, they will charge you based on the items you will be moving.
Selling those that you do not need will optimize your moving activity greatly and save both time and

July 8, 2018