The Benefits of Windows In Garden Sheds

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There is some debate as to the actual benefits of having windows in storage sheds and the end decision always tends to be a very personal one. Although it is true that glass can be broken into and theft of tools occur, the likelihood of this happening simply because there is a small window or two is small. Thieves are generally opportunists and will break doors and locks to access items when given the chance. The added benefits of windows far outweigh any perceived attraction of criminal activity.

Natural Lighting

Storage sheds without windows and added electrical lighting can be difficult to maneuver inside to locate items. Natural lighting will make it easy for your eyes to adjust and locate things quickly. You will save on the hassles of flashlights or running extension cord lighting.

Warmth During Winter

Shoveling snow in the winter is not the favorite chore of everyone. You might be surprised at how quick you can warm up by hopping in the shed and standing near a window. The sun has the ability to create warmth in even the smallest of spaces. This does not mean it will be sweltering shorts weather inside, but the little warm-up break can be a welcome change.

Sunshine to Start Seedlings

Every gardener knows the importance of starting plants well ahead of planting season. To do this successfully you need good potting soil, water and sunlight. If you run out of available space near the windows of your house, try adding a shed that has plenty of windows to help do the job right. The seedlings will get the natural light they need to start growing strong and you can easily transition them to your outdoor garden spot.

Ventilation to Keep Lawn Equipment Fumes Down

Maintaining storage for gardening tools often means stowing gas powered equipment like mowers, weed eaters and edgers in the same building. Fumes from gas-operated equipment can seem overwhelming in an enclosed space. Having windows that can be opened help provide needed ventilation. It will help make the atmosphere more pleasant when you need to spend time working on or finding items.

A Room With a View

Having adequate storage for gardening tools has another benefit of providing an area to get away from it all. You can take time to relax, read a book or listen to your favorite music, but keep an eye on the house. You can enjoy guilt-free “me” time without missing visitors. It can provide you with a private area to view the wonders of wildlife without disturbing their normal activities.

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May 21, 2017